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Action Heroes.
We're immensely proud to be supporting the organisations below. Their individual efforts are bringing about hugely powerful and positive change, for the benefit of all.

It is worth noting that Oasthaus is not affiliated or associated with any of them in any official way. All of the views and opinions expressed on this website, are solely our own. More information.

They have been advancing women’s equality since 1866 when at just 19, Millicent Fawcett collected signatures on a petition for women’s votes. She went on to lead the constitutional suffrage campaign and made this cause her lifetime’s work, securing equal voting rights 62 years later. Today they continue her legacy of fighting sexism and gender inequality through hard hitting campaigns and impactful research.

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Good Lad Initiative is a gender equality organisation that reaches men and boys not otherwise engaged in gender equality. Their mission is to help them find their positive contribution to change, rather than just telling them what they shouldn't do.

They run interactive, challenging workshops that transform the behaviours and attitudes of men and boys, motivating them to support and lead in positive change in their communities. They work with schools, universities, sports clubs and workplaces to make sure that change occurs at the group as well as with individuals.

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Diversity Role Models vision is a world where everyone embraces diversity and can thrive. This will help create a world where future generations embrace, accept and support difference.

Their mission is to create an education system in which every young person will know that they are valued and supported, whoever they are.

They create safe spaces where young people can explore difference and consider their role in creating a world where we all feel accepted.

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HOPE Not Hate is an anti-fascist and anti-racist campaigns organisation that provides positive antidotes to the politics of hate. Their community organising work is backed up by ground breaking research, allowing them to focus their efforts in areas across the country most vulnerable to hate.

HOPE not hate is one of the leading organisations ensuring under-represented and disenfranchised individuals and communities are engaged in the democratic process.

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