We’re a socioethical tote bag brand. We donate 40% of every tote bag sold to charities leading the way with social change.
Our Bags. Care.
Forget the endless bickering over Brexit, society has far more pressing concerns. Like addressing Women's Rights, Positive Masculinity, Diversity & Identity and Social Cohesion.

It’s fair to say that our political structures are in a pretty shameful state. And the reported news gets more depressing every day. But we believe that it’s time to stand up against the narrative of fear, division and hate and address the real issues holding humanity back.

We need to ditch the ‘isms’. We need to call out discrimination and flush out hate. All we can hope to have known in this life is love, kindness, fairness and respect. Ultimately, that’s what this whole tote bag brand is about.

Bags of Power.
Not profit.
Words and pretty designs are all fine and dandy, but it’s ACTION that’s really required. Therefore, we’ve partnered with four incredible charities who are changing laws, behaviours and beliefs. They are the Fawcett Society, Good Lad Initiative, Diversity Roles Models and HOPE Not Hate.

But we’re doing more than simply adding our vocal support. We’re donating £6 (40%) of every £15 bag you buy to one of our partners above. But what about the rest of the £15 you may well ask? Well, once the cost of the bag has been deducted, we’re reinvesting every last penny back into developing even greener processes, fabrics and dyes. All part of our long term commitment to produce the most responsible totes, fullstop.

Made to last.
Ethically and responsibly.
Our bags are made from heavyweight, strong and durable cottons. Importantly to us, however, is that they’re made by people who are treated with dignity and respect, paid fairly and work in safe and regulated environments.

Our three vibrant ‘Shoulder Tote’ bags are perfect for carrying around day-to-day. They’re made from durable 10oz cotton (100%) and feature long ‘shoulderable’ straps and bottom gussets. They are produced in an Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Certified and SEDEX registered factory and are printed using water-based inks. Perfect as a main bag replacement.

Our completely natural ‘Big Shopper’ is ideal for getting everything in. It’s made from a heavyweight 12oz cotton (100%), which is certified both Fairtrade and Vegan. This bag is produced in a SEDEX registered and GOTS certified factory and printed using water-based Vegan ink. Our packaging is biodegradable, recyclable and FSC/PEFC sustainably sourced.

But... Why totes?

Well, on a practical level, they’re lightweight, versatile and make a great plastic bag replacement. The heavyweight cottons we use ensure that our bags will last for years. (Well over the 400 individual uses that the environmentalists recommend). Metaphorically, they also represent each of us ‘shouldering our share’, taking individual responsibility and being the flag-bearers for positive social progress.

Why not bag one and help us do some #GoodWithDesign.